Chivas Comes to Santa Ana

No, this isn’t about Chivas USA moving to Santa Ana. Instead, their sister club Chivas de Guadalajara of Mexico, will send their U-20 (under 20 years of age) team to Santa Ana for a friendly match against the Santa Ana Winds of theNational Premier Soccer League on December 10th at Eddie West Field in Downtown Santa Ana at 7 pm.


via Chivas Comes to Santa Ana at the Santa Ana Sentinel


Major League Soccer’s Market Building Efforts in Santa Ana

A number of advertisements for the MLS cup final appeared in Santa Ana in the last week. A large ad was placed on the entrance to MainPlace mall and the Olde Ship, an official LA Galaxy pub, was decorated with MLS cup announcements.

An MLS Cup ad at Westfield MainPlace in Santa Ana

It seems clear now that MLS and or the Galaxy is taking Santa Ana’s market potential seriously. And looking at things objectively, these ads, even if they’re at a Galaxy pub, are good for a potential Chivas USA move here.

An MLS Cup ad at The Olde Ship in Santa Ana

Yes, Santa Ana has its Galaxy fans, many of them hang out at Memphis downtown and these would surely love to see their team visit the city.

Is MLS preparing the way or testing the area for a possible Chivas USA move? Maybe, just maybe.

Santa Ana seems like a very likely destination not only for Chivas USA but also for MLS because of the proximity to Disneyland, the Angels and the Ducks. This makes this part of Greater Los Angeles very attractive.

via Major League Soccer’s Market Building Efforts in Santa Ana.

Open Letter to Opponents of a Potential Chivas USA Move to Santa Ana

This is written in response to someone named Tim Rush, who is the most vocal, active and visible opponent to a Chivas USA move here. His letter to the OC Register is available here.

1. First you suggest that a stadium for Chivas USA would be better in LA because there are more Latinos there, compared to Santa Ana and Anaheim combined. But what about the rest of OC’s Latino populations? Or those in cities near the LA / OC border. Do you think they won’t come to watch a game in Santa Ana? Are all Angel fans from Orange County?

2. To say that a stadium in Santa Ana would be “Orange County’s version of the LA Coliseum” is a gross and devious exaggeration. I want you, Tim Rush, to tell me how many soccer stadiums in Major League Soccer are the size of the coliseum.

3. You left out Harbor Boulevard and conveniently chose to use Fairview and Bristol as examples. For those coming from LA county, exiting off of the 22 to Harbor will get them to the proposed site in 5 minutes. I know because I drove that route specifically to find out how long it would take.

4. Your writing suggests that all expenses are passed onto the city. Look at all of the sponsors that Chivas USA has.

5. Most devious of your comments is your hinting at potential violence happening here through your example of what happened at Dodger stadium. This is a deliberate and devious scare tactic.

6. I almost believe that you are well-intentioned and that you wouldn’t mind having a stadium off of the 55 (where exactly?), but still, you hint at violence as if it were inevitable and you turned this into a race issue by saying that there are more Latinos in LA so a new Chivas USA stadium should go there. You’ve exaggerated in your comments thus poking holes in your own argument.

Introducing Saint City Soccer

Here’s a new blog for discussing soccer matters in Santa Ana. As some may or not know, Santa Ana is a soccer town. A number of international clubs, mostly Mexican, have come to scout and develop talent here over the years, but the most visible club to have interacted with the city is Chivas USA. They currently are weighing their options around Greater Los Angeles and Santa Ana is on their radar.