Armando Flores of Santa Ana Travels with Chivas to Vancouver

Update: Santa Ana’s Armando Flores and the Chivas USA Reserves came back from a 3-0 deficit in Vancouver to leave things tied 3-3. Flores played 70 minutes before being substituted off for Brian Kennedy.

Armando Flores of Santa Ana Valley High School, a Sueño MLS Winner, has been invited to join the Chivas USA reserve team as they head to Vancouver, British Columbia to take on the Whitecaps in Major League Soccer Reserve League play today at 11 am.

Live game updates will be available on twitter @cdchivasusa.

“Mambo” Flores will join other Chivas USA players with first team experience. The joining of Chivas Academy players with Chivas Reserves is part of a professional development process. The Reserve league is the link between the Academy and the First Team.

A game recap will be posted this afternoon.


Author: Omar Ávalos Gallegos

I'm a music composer, musicologist, pianist, flamenco guitarist and writer out of Santa Ana California. I've written on soccer in the past for Soccer Newsday, SB Nation and have contributed to TheCup.US and The Guardian US. Covered the 2017 NPSL Combine for Midfield Press. Started own soccer blogs including Saint City Post, Angeltown FC, The Anemometer and more.

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