Santa Ana Gets a New Soccer Field

A new soccer field will be placed at the corner of 17th Street and College Avenue, as part of the construction taking place at Santa Ana College. College Avenue is permanently closed to through traffic from 15th Street to Martha Lane as of February 20. There will be no further access to the campus from Martha Lane or 15th Street as these will become cul de sacs.

Other improvements include the addition of spectator seats on the west side of the track field, expansion to the parking lot on the southwest corner of the campus, and more.

For more information click here.


Author: Omar Ávalos Gallegos

I'm a music composer, musicologist, pianist, flamenco guitarist and writer out of Santa Ana California. I've written on soccer in the past for Soccer Newsday, SB Nation and have contributed to TheCup.US and The Guardian US. Covered the 2017 NPSL Combine for Midfield Press. Started own soccer blogs including Saint City Post, Angeltown FC, The Anemometer and more.

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