Update: Chivas USA

Just as I predicted, the pot is being stirred concerning a move to Downtown Los Angeles by the LA Galaxy, but, it turns out that Chivas USA is also testing the area. There is a real possibility that Chivas USA might move to the Downtown LA or Coliseum area.

There are two other options that Chivas USA may call home, which are the Pomona Fairplex and the Home Depot Center. Earlier today I got word from a Chivas USA insider that Pomona was a real possibility. This survey done by Major League Soccer affirms what I was told.

Why mention this in the Santa Ana Sentinel? Because this all but confirms that the club won’t be coming here. There are three options being tested and Santa Ana is not one of them.

via Update: Chivas USA.


Author: Omar Ian Ávalos

Professional musician and music educator by trade, soccer writer by chance. Music composer, musicologist, pianist, flamenco guitarist and writer out of Santa Ana, CA. YouTube.com/Flamencali. Past contributions at Soccer Newsday, SB Nation, TheCup.US, The Guardian US and Midfield Press. Latest project: opendivision.wordpress.com. Social: @OpenDivisionUSA, /r/OpenDivision. Blogs and projects include The Saint City Post, The Angeltown Post, The Anemometer and more.

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